Facing Many Enemies

Facing Many Enemies applies when you must fight alone against many enemies. Draw both the long and short swords, and spread them wide to the left and right in a horizontal attitude.

Even though they come from all four directions, your aim is to chase the enemies to one place. Observe their attacking order, and advance quickly to meet him who attack first. Sweep your eyes around broadly to remain aware of the overall situation, carefully examining the stances of the enemies and their attacking order, and cut left and right simultaneously in different directions, swinging both swords without mutual interference. It is not good to pause after cutting to different directions. You must quickly re-assume your original attitudes to both sides. Cut the next enemies down as they advance, crushing them in the direction from which they attack. Do your best to drive the enemy together, as if tying a line of fishes, and when they are seen to be piled up and entangled, cut them down strongly without giving them room to move.

If you frontally attack a crowd, you can hardly make progress. On the other hand, if you intend to cut one at the time each one that will advance first, you will be in a waiting attitude and not make progress. Respond to your enemies' rhythm, know their weakness and take advantage of it. Then you win.

If you practice with your friends often until you learn to force the whole group into a single file, you can deal as easily with one enemy as with ten or twenty. It requires thorough practice and examination.