The Way of the Long Sword

If we know the Way of the long sword well, we can easily wield the sword we usually carry, even with two fingers.

If you try to wield the long sword unnaturally fast, you are mistaken. To wield the long sword well you must wield it calmly. If you try to wield it quickly, like a folding fan or a short sword, you will deviate from the Way by using what is called "knife whittling". The long sword is hard to wield this way, and you cannot cut down a man efficiently with a long sword in this manner.

When you have cut downwards with the long sword, lift it straight back up along a natural path; when you have cut sideways, return the sword naturally along a sideways path. Always return the sword in a reasonable way. Extend the elbows broadly in a comfortable way, and wield the sword powerfully. This is the Way of the long sword.

If you learn to use the five approaches of my strategy, you will be able to wield a sword well. You must train constantly.